▶ Investing In Cryptocurrency 2021

Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Investing Investing in cryptocurrency in 2020 – amidst the market crash. Bitcoin will likely crash at the …


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  3. If life as it is survives another 100 years cash is gotta be out. Digital currency is inevitably the future. BUUUT here’s the problem. You have no dominion over digital currency like you do with cash or more so, gold.
    Sure you’re right. Buuut if you invest into digital currency that might be your dominion per say.

  4. Has an investor you always need to have a vision for a long term investment, so you should always try to find that domain of industry which will grow exponentially in coming years so that you make maximum profit out of it, Just like the blockchain-based decentralized currency will be mandatory in future, there will be a requirement of decentralized internet in future which would be secure, maintain privacy & restriction-free, one of the firms working on this technology is Tachyon protocol which is powered by V system & X-VPN. I think has an investor their business will grow in future since there will be need of well-protected internet with the increase in digital currency in future.

  5. If I invested 150 in bitcoin and chain link, 100 in ethereum and 50 on xrp. What are you honest opinions on this ? This is my first investment ever and I just want to know what to expect

  6. Nice video man! I do a little investing in crypto just a few trades here and there. I have price targets that I will buy and then I automatically set a sell order. Been some great volatility for swing trades. Nice video man!

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