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  1. I tilted my phone to the side in 2018. I subscribed. I have never missed a video! I am not looking back! This is one of the best decisions I have ever made! I love your hard work Steve!

  2. Great advice. Our main snd first investment was xrp. And im so glad with starting with xrp intead of bitcoin becaus of the massive up and down with btc, we would hev been out of the game by now because i dont think we would have handled the stress of it.
    But after 2 years of learning how to stay in crypto trading and learning we are ready to invest in some of these higher reward cryptos.

  3. as ever steve big thans ive only got a 10th of that,ive started on less and made a fortune the bear market taught me life changing answers lol everything i lernt off you,is the bestthing i eer did you mae it simple love ya steve

  4. I am confused. What happened to the invest 50 percent (5k) now? We seem to have ignored this split and gone to just invest the full 10k. Did I miss something?

  5. Spend $400 on wallets. Spend 1 year studying markets living in your mom’s basement $3k on weed $600 on McDonald Spend $3k on his course. Fomo $3k on some C league nfts. Just a thought.

  6. So we keep the other 50% as cash, is that it? Buffett says you should invest 90% and keep 10% as cash. Also, Blackrock say that your investments should be made up of 87% Bitcoin. Not sure what to make of all this…

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