हजारो बड़े Crypto Coins ने करोड़ो लोगो को डुबाया | क्या छोड़ दे Crypto ? What To Do Now In Crypto Crash

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  2. Bhaiya apne bahut se youtuber ko dekha hoga top 10 coin main jo 1 lakh laga dega vo 2024 Mai karodpati ban jayega bana diya abhi sabko karodpati 😂
    🙏 Jo apke pass knowledge hai GoD level ka hai thank you apko ❤️❤️

  3. मैंने 1.5 रु प्राइस में 2100 रु का luna ख़रीदके 10600 में बेच दिया । instant प्रॉफिट

  4. ✌️Great news : Elon Musk is going to invest in Luna to save its invertors from a big loss and make it stronger than ever.
    Time to go for Luna 💯💯

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